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Episode 16: High School Musical

Monday, July 30, 2007

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The movie sucked. Yep, it did. And even with all the buzz, the songs weren't that good either.

Until this happened.

Yeah, the movie still blows. But there's something about High School Musical On Stage that saved Disney's sorry excuse for a movie. This even got me to download (illegally) the whole damn soundtrack album! What has got into me? Or maybe the question is, what mojo has Stages and Trumpets Playshop conjured that's making all this noise(LSS in my head)?

Oh, it was just pure talent then. That works. :P

Photos from: Click The City, Super Bong, Gibbs Cadiz, Coy, Pinoy Centric

Music from: High School Music OST

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Episode 15: Another Harry Potter

Saturday, July 21, 2007

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I did not expect that.

I'm not the biggest Harry Potter fan but this is just too good to pass up.

I know there's a lot of rumors surrounding the final book installment, "Deathly Hallows", so you be the judge with this.

Watch it. It's really special.

What can you say? Pretty good, huh? :D

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Episode 14: Ten, The Countdown

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Ms. Janette Toral's writing project, The Top Ten Emerging Influential Blogs in 2007, has received a sudden surge of new entries recently. A great number of bloggers in the pinoy blogosphere has searched, bloghopped, and now has listed their very own nominations. Many others are still rushing to make their own before the deadline of submission of entries this coming Saturday, July 28, 5:00 PM (GMT +8).

And I've noticed, a lot of participants have been in campaign mode for the past week. Paolo Mendoza tagged ten bloggers to make their own list, Jhed Cabrera has posted an article about being influential, and even Benj Espina started vlogging to put the message across. Now, as a way to promote the writing project, I've put up a countdown before the deadline:

Here are three reasons why you should join the project:
  1. You'll get the chance to win 100 freakin' dollars! Nevermind the exchange rate. That's still date money you got there.
  2. You'll get a free pass to attend the upcoming bloggers' meet-up this coming August 1, at Max's Restaurant, Park Square 1, Makati City, 6-9 PM. You just need to confirm here.
  3. You'll get to spread the link love, help your favorite blogs to gain recognition and expose your site as well in the process.
What do you got to lose? Nada. So JOIN NOW!

For the meantime, check-out my own VIDEO ENTRY for the project. I've added a few effects for your second (or third) viewing. I highly recommend these ten blogs to be included in your list.

And if my blog, in some way, has sparked your interest in video blogging, then I'm also asking for your support in the writing project and in spreading the word. Or better yet, just keep coming back and let's keep in touch. Your comments and insights on my videos have always been an inspiration.


Now you couldn't click the links in the vid, could you?

Happy Slip | Utak Gago | Fire Eye'd Boy | The Dork Factor | Gibbs Cadiz | Pinoy Blogero | Green Pinoy | Project Manila | Komikero's Video Channel | CokskiBlue

Good luck to all the nominees!

Music by: Fall-Out Boy

P.S. If you want to embed this video on your blog, just let me know.

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Episode 13: Pinoy Big Bash

Sunday, July 8, 2007

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I have stopped watching the show after a month of its second season run. It started out pretty interesting. The first few tasks were challenging enough to keep viewers glued. Man, there were even some episodes which I could actually consider worthy of wasting my time. But I don't know. I just stopped. I have very low tolerance in keeping up with what's happening in my life let alone follow 14 strangers wiggle their asses, take regular bathroom breaks and talk about the latest in-house chika.

Even with all the Wendy buzz just a week ago, I displayed minimal interest in its final week. Man, did I haaate HER. But no matter how bitchy she got, it didn't urge me to call her names like "Wendy-monyo" in public online forums; just made me wish she got trampled by the chicks she was running with in the recent Lovapalooza commercial.

So when I learned that she shockingly made it to the finals, I knew I had to watch her get the worst booing of her life in Araneta.

As we watch the BIG NIGHT countdown clock at channel 2 boil down to minutes, my friends and I were still busy brewing and finalizing a master plan for our friend, Abe's surprise 21st birthday bash. I just owe this guy a lot. We just met last November around MY 21st birthday and he helped with most of the planning, ambiance, lights, music, all for FREE! My party was a smash hit mostly because of his doing. So, with high gratitude, I would like this party to be smoking hot as well.

Starting the Podcast

We were basically running out of new ideas. We don't want a rerun of what happened at my gig, that wouldn't be a surprise, would it. Got no time to record a video let alone edit one. So we thought, as a simple gift, instead of just the usual house music, we'll also be playing a podcast all through out the party - a personalized radio show. Brilliant.

Now that was our first mistake. Ha!

We started as PBB was already announcing the 4th big placer. We had to record during commercials since being hardcore addicts, Jhossa (a Wendy fan in denial) and Bits insisted on keeping the TV on while we do our business. Now that was another mistake.

The recording was all over the place! Everybody was talking over each other, there was no real flow (thanks Tanggera), and even worse, it was smothered with countless off-topic PBB adlibs and spiels! The joy of having Wendy kicked out was evident in the podcast but as we moved on, I just had to steer the conversation out of PBB's way. I don't know if you can tell but I was "trying" to be on-topic as my co-DJs ramble like crazy. Haha.

But what the heck. It was really fun anyway. It was our their first time for crying out loud. We made it in one take with no editing. And everybody got to go home as PBB rolled the credits.

Oh, and the Party?

Massive success. Although not because of our ingenuity in organizing events but because of Abe's band, Mainstream, with their pretty hot vocalist, Tina (who, by the way, they call "Du-Wendy", haha!). Everybody got to hear the podcast, and all they understood was "Happy Birthday Aaaaabe!" Bummer.

Now here is the podcast. Edited to spare you the agony. It isn't that bad. Really. Heh. Tell me what you think.

P.S. To everyone who's thinking I've jumped the shark with this one, don't worry, I'll make up for it next week. Haha!

And thanks Dad, for thinking highly of my "reputation". Don't stress, I'll take care of it.

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